Alfa Laval

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The Client

Alfa Laval focuses on energy optimisation, environmental protection and food production and possesses the technological leadership in heat transfer, separation and fluid handling. With more than 1900 patents they provide worldwide solutions in areas that are vital to society.

The Challenge

The challenge was to simplify the sign-off procedure where around 250 managers in the company need to sign-off on corporate governance policies. These policies range from how to do business, security, IT and environmental policies. The complexity of the sign-off procedure had grown significantly due to growth and acquisitions.

The Solution

tretton37 created a workflow that helped the system in handling permissions for Group Management and Administrators that should be able to see all sign-offs, as well as stopping duplicate sign-offs from the same manager occurring in the system. This was implemented on top of SharePoint Server 2007, using SharePoint Designer workflows and custom JavaScript to create a pleasant user experience.

We managed to re-use systems with only writing a small amount of code. This made it possible to both sign-off and keep control of the process digitally during development. We also added a new feature where statistics provided an overview of who had signed-off and who needed a reminder to go through the procedure. The project managed to meet all the needs of the Signee, Administrator and Group Management that was defined.