Tommy Albinsson

I have always seen myself as a passionate person that is always striving to learn and improve, regardless of what I do. From the beginning basketball was the source of my passion, but I realised that my love for the game was not enough to make a living (in Sweden anyway). Luckily for me I had another passion in my life that made me want to learn and get better - software development.

I love software development, and especially the social part of it. Building something great together with a team is a really awesome feeling. I really believe that surrounding yourself with people that are better and wiser is the best way to learn and grow.

The last couple of years I have focused on building great e-commerce sites that involved the entire organisation - from top to bottom - making sure that everyone knows and feels their part in the process.

Outside of work I like to spend time with my girlfriend and friends. When she is out flying around the world as a flight attendant, I prefer to watch sports (basketball, soccer) and play some video games. Also I like the occasional beer (or ten..) from time to time :)