Therese Sangö

Already in middle school a was known as one of the computer nerds of my class. We used to sit together on breaks and after school trying to learn C++, and then I somehow stumbled in to HTML and CSS instead. I think I had an account on every community available in the middle-end of the 90’s just to be able to do different profiles with different designs (that of course changed every week).

Media was always a natural choice for me in school, and I really had a thing for graphics, spending hours on photoshop/illustrator tutorials. And then I started on Media Technologies at Malmö university where the joy of coding came back to me. I freelanced as a graphic designer for a while after school and noticed the frequent demand for websites. At the time I was only able to do some simple Wordpress pages, so I decided to go all in on web development and signed me up for a two year long .Net developer education. Those years went by quickly and at the end I got the most amazing phone call from Tretton37, where they had accepted me for their apprentice program… Oboy! Am I lucky, or what?!

So from now on I will spend my time learning, learning, cuddle with my cat, watch horror movies, and then keep on learning from this awesome ninjas!