Sasa Ristic

I never tought that i would pick development as a proffesion. I remeber beeing in school and we did a personality test in class. And the teacher turns to me and...-You shouldn't be here...You should be over there.Pointing att the web development class.One thing led to another and here i am today. Doing awsome ninja stuff!

When i see that the idea and my effort work flawlessly, that is when i get out the most joy in doing this type of work. When the client is happy and things just work, well then i'm happy!

I look forward in diving deep into my proffesion and evolve even moore in this passionate job of mine. On my spare time i like spending time with my wife (to be) and our two lovely sons.Nothing beat's comming home to a 4 year old yelling...- DADDYYYYYYYYYY!....Mommy! Daddy's home!Just melts my heart!And my other passion in life is getting down with the boys att my club and really play a nice game of human chess.It's called Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! (Currently holding a purple belt)I just love this!!You have to use your entire body. Not just your body but even your mind. Anticipating your opponents next move. Just like you would in chess.