Niklas Frank

Back in the old days when computer time was dictated by bad weather and games came on twelve of those save icons (floppy discs), my uncle had an extremely run-down computer. There was really nothing special about this computer, it had all the same games as our computer had. How ever, this beast of a machine had Visual Studio 97. Some kind of program too which was described to me, in the way I remember it, “you can make anything you want, but it’s too hard for you to use”. Litle young me, fascinated by the button my uncle magicly drew on the screen, imagining the things I could create. Surely it couldn’t be too hard when my uncle would materialize a button with such ease. And, in these days where computers are integrated in every single thing in our society and we are able to create vast, living, breathing universes, born out of the minds of a few hundred people. How could I not be excited about taking part of all of this. This, right here, is where I want to be.

Outside of the space between the keyboard and chair; I love being in the gym, constantly pushing my limits with the bar; putting down some miles on the old running shoes; or out, somewhere looking for a treasure.

I love ferris wheels, I hate high heights.