Nejc Palir

My love for web development started early in my childhood, in the good ol' dial up times, at the age of ten. A typical after school afternoon back then would be creating a logo and website for a fictional client and just barely making it in time for my evening hockey practice. On my eighteenth birthday, while pursuing my professional hockey career, I decided to follow my dreams, take a leap of faith and start my own development company. I went from stopping pucks to Emacs and haven't looked back since.

The bold move to leave Pro hockey rinks behind has given me invaluable experiences, life lessons and made me into the proud self-taught, driven and hard-working creative individual I am today. My variety of roles has given me a broad, well-rounded knowledge of modern development, now backed up by more than a decade of professional experience. Today my passion lies in creating rich, innovative and interactive front-end user experiences with cutting edge HTML, CSS & JavaScript techniques.

I love to spend my spare time with my family and friends, travelling around the globe, watching classic movies, playing hockey, running around with airsoft guns, perfecting my camera skills to become the next Scorsese, playing console games or grilling a mouth-watering steak. My dream is to one day build and design a cosy house for my family using my own bare hands.