Monica Anderberg

I have been working in the IT business since 1999 when I graduated with my Masters in Computer Science. Previously I have worked with Industrial and Financial systems, Process Development, Requirement management within municipalities and counties, Business Analysis, graphic design, e-commerce and much more.

My specialty is to do in-depth analyses, create structure and to manage investigations, bridge business and development teams and solve unstructured problems. Sometimes there is a need for change within existing processes, adding a new process or using existing software in another way. My roles may have had different titles, but they have all had optimization, development and drive in common.

I usually think in pictures. This has turned out to be a great communication tool, both when working with different cultures and when working with different departments. Having a graphic overview of the things we are discussing secures understanding that is independent of language or level of knowledge of the persons involved.

What I like most is to be at full speed all of the time. At work I want to engage and make changes happen. When travelling I want to explore and interact with the local people. Lazy days at the pool isn't my preferred vacation.

After a full working day I like to disappear into my garden and plant a lot of crazy stuff, or change aqua scape in one of my four aquariums. I also love to dance Zumba or force my husband to challenge me in tennis. Even though we threw out our TV eight years ago, I have a busy schedule doing all stuff that I want.