Mirsad Mustafa

Before the age of twelve I wanted to be a chef, but then my father bought me a computer, dial-up internet from Telia, and a "make your first website" book (that consisted of twelve pages). After a couple of hours, I made my first website and from that moment on I knew that I wanted to be a web designer.

At the age of fifteen, I noticed that a lot of the websites looked really ugly and I wanted to change that, so I started to look up what kind of software pro designers used. I found that Photoshop 7.0 was the software to have if you wanted to design, and I soon discovered I had a ‘thing’ for design. The best part is when you design something and then you can code it and then "it's alive" and you can use it. That's a superpower for me; when you can imagine something and then design it, code it and use it. I can see possibilities really easily and love to brainstorm on how to solve things…literally anything.

Aside from design, I love to code; I love JavaScript and want to be better at it. Away from all things that are computer based, I am a big animal lover and have a bit of a thing for otters and raccoons! I would love to have an otter named Slim and a raccoon named Rocket, but since that is illegal I can't have that.