Love Sjögren

My name is Love and I have just started the apprentice program here at tretton37. I'm 27ish years old and I started my programmingcareer on Malmö Högskolas Game Developer-program. It wasn't quite what I had pictured it to be but I fell in love with programming there and I chose to continue my education at LTH, studying computer science and engineering. That didn't quite go as planned though... The programming went really well and I really enjoyed it however the math part that is included in an engineering (and usually in computer science in general...) proved very difficult. After studying at LTH for 3 years and struggling with math I decided that I'd had enough and I went looking for an opportunity to work and learn while I worked. As luck would have it I had heard about tretton37 and emailed you guys asking questions about what is needed to work in the industry. I got an answer that I should learn javascript and so I did, I spent 2 months coding in all my free time and then Erik F mentioned the apprenticeship program to me and thusly here I am.

I do not know much yet admittedly but that is why I am here at the apprentice program. I wish to become a great programmer and developer and I think this will be a great place to grow =).

I'm married and live with my wife and our dog in "Väster", the part of Lund on the other side of the train station.

When I am not coding I am either gaming at home or I am out rock climbing.