Linus Feldt

After chasing a degree in Business Administration and Real Estate Brokerage I fell in love with marketing. Now I’m on a quest to explore every corner of the marketing universe. I’m currently part of the team taking care of the quality and service aspects of the tretton37 brand, here in our Stockholm office. It’s a great way to be hands on with the brand, as opposed to all the work I do on the computer, online. The one thing I’ve learned as a marketer, that's applicable to everything in life, is to always be genuine and that's the driving force behind everything I do and every piece of service I deliver.

When the constant exposure to social media, banner ads and our connected lifestyles starts to go on my nerves I like to escape into the deep woods of Värmland, recharging my batteries by writing about social media, banner ads and our connected lifestyles. Occasionally hooking up an old video game console to our ancient television set just to remind myself of the fact that there was a time before internet and everything was not connected.

Wherever I go, I listen to podcasts. There is an endless ocean of knowledge waiting to be streamed into our headsets. It helps me on my quest to master new things every day, whether I’m on the subway or out in the nature jogging there is always something you can do to challenge yourself. I’m currently subscribed to more than 70 podcasts, including a few electronic music ones, and the list is growing all the time.