Kristoffer Jälén

In February 1986, more than 30 years ago, I got my first computer. This was a time when I didn't understand machine code or the hexademical numeral system, but that sparked off my lifelong interest in computers, and in particular the art of programming.

Since then I've been coding .NET applications for a living, with all tech that entails. I'm an eager-to-​learn person, with a long work experience of applications with gamification mechanisms. Gamification is about implementing game principles in non-game contexts, such as traditional office applications.

My mind keeps a roadmap of topics to learn and I am always active with personal programming projects. At my spare time I'm passionately interested in coding 8 bit assembly, a low-level language with close relationship to the machine code instructions, for the Commodore 64 demoscene. The demoscene is about showing off your programming, graphical and musical skills by creating audio-visual presentations. Every now and then I attend demoparties, non-stop social events with competitions and knowledge sharing, not unlike the atmosphere at tretton37!

When I'm not coding or thinking about code, I enjoy some fine woodworking, mainly building garden furniture for the pleasure of my beautiful wife.