Justin Nel

I honestly do not think that I ever chose to be a software developer as a profession, as it was always a hobby for me, something I did for fun. Suddenly one day after I finished college, I am offered a teaching position at that same college where I was to teach two computer programming courses. After I finished the first year I found a new job at a company where I was to use a tool they had made to visualise client data, however after a short period of time I soon found myself writing software to improve what the company had to offer and very soon became their developer. With how everything has happened in my life, I think that my career chose me and since it is something that I find pleasure in, I never fought back and just accepted where it lead me.

Looking back, thinking of all my achievements, I think that I always found the most satisfaction from helping others. I always found a great amount of pleasure when I could write a simple bit of code that would help automate somebody else's work, or teaching somebody a trick or skill that I knew and they did not. With this said, I am always looking to expand my knowledge and not just in the areas of computer science. I am a sponge for all knowledge, always looking for something new to try, which in turn will allow me to help more people in the future.

Outside of work I can often be found listening to an audio book whilst doing chores, building electronics, learning languages or considering the next destination I would like to travel to.