John Leidegren

Have you seen the film Revolver? There's this line from the film that I really like and it goes like this: you can only get smarter by playing a smarter opponent. They must have stolen it from Chess Fundamentals. An old book that is so old in fact it is no longer copyrighted. Author J. R. Capablanca wrote the preface to the book in 1934. In it, he asserts that as long as the game does not change the way you play to win will not. The book --a 100 years old-- is still relevant today.

I aspire to become a great engineer, a person that builds on top of the knowledge of others. Throughout my life I've been taught by people much more knowledgeable and smarter than myself. I'm humbled by the fact that these people ask for nothing in return. They just do it because they really enjoy what they do. I wouldn't be here today without these people and for that reason I feel that it is my turn to give something back.

Little did I know, that I would be doing everything from kernel-mode software driver development to distributed/cloud architecture. These two things are as far apart as it gets; yet here I was, doing both of these things within the same job. I guess I really enjoy what I do.

For a long time, I would go from project to project never really getting satisfied with the work. Something was missing and I had to find purpose in something other than just work. At which I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. In not so many words, this is what I have found;

Management is a skill, not a career path. Talent is intrinsically meaningless, all there is to it, is the ability to make yourself productive. We all know how to work on weekends but few of us know how to go to the movies on a Monday afternoon.

I like sci-fi, books about self-management and almost anything that challenges the status quo. I have a daughter, son and wife that I love very much and an invigorating arm wrestling hobby to keep me fit. Next time we meet, we should totally arm wrestle! ...or just have coffee. I'd like that to.