Johan Skott

I am a former Product Manager that with a great curiosity became a Recruitment specialist by utilizing my skills within communication and logic and on top of that being a people person.

I am a Generalist in general, but nerd myself into some things that I then become a specialist in over and over again.

I often do things my way, but always with the greatest interest for the people I work with and for. I work with a straight-forward attitude and almost always with a smile on my face. I am not a sales person, so people tend to find out that everything I say is true also.

​I search for the logical explanation for most of the things I come by, and that gives me a natural instinct about how things and people work. My goal is always to try to make people and things do great things together. And I trust my gut feelings just as much as real facts.

My passion outside of work is my family (soon to be three!), gaming in general and e-sports especially! ​