Johan Riddersporre

Being a software developer for me is a gift because it allows me to solve fun puzzles during working hours. Solving the puzzles in a creative, clean and generic way is rewarding and gives me a nice sense of satisfaction.

I have had the benefit of developing visualization and graphics which have instant feedback on the screen that is a great kick and everyone always have opionions about what they see (good and bad) but frustration can be almost as big when the debugging tools are lacking and nothing shows up on the screen.

I belive in constant refactoring. Code are always prone to be improved. The first steps should not be too generic to solve all kinds of unforseen issues, but at the same time do not be naive while coding. Solve the issues when they arise but be prepared and do not be afraid to do constant refactoring.

My main focus has always been to understand what the use cases for the application or functions are and how they can be solved in an intuitive way, and try to find if there are any innovative ways to improve the use cases for the end user.

I like sports so I try to find some time to play golf and I am a floorball coach for one of my two kids. In addition I try to learn my kids to like board games as much as I do, but so far it seems like I have managed to learn them more about heavy metal than boardgames.