Joakim Hansson

I’ve had a passion for software development, reverse engineering, hardware and IT in general for quite a while. I'll never forget the first time I experienced that feeling of success when I fixed or created something related to the great - and somewhat magical - world of computers. It’s the same feeling I still get today.

I had just turned 11 when my parents decided to buy another computer that was to be -unlike the other computer - fully accessible to me and my 4 siblings. The fact that I had my own personal login made it even better, and it felt like such freedom to be able to create documents, save bookmarks, install games etc. in my own virtual space.

However, I had no idea that all the things my siblings and I did could mess with the computer. Sure enough, it started crashing; the blue screen of death appeared alongside some text that might as well have been in Chinese. It frustrated me as it happened more and more frequently, and I got scared that my parents would blame me! One day I decided to take one for the team and see if I could fix it. As soon as that blue screen showed up again, I wrote down as much as I could, and continued to do this for every crash until I had it all written down. At the time, Google did not exist and I spent my time searching around on AltaVista. Finally I was able to get rid of the blue screen, and knowing that I just saved my parents a lot of money and frustration made me continue and develop the passion I have today.​ I am most comfortable working with .NET/C# but have an open mind and love to try out new things.

Every day I strive to learn as much as I possibly can and share the knowledge with others. In my spare time I spend time with my lovely girlfriend, work out, read good software/hardware development books and hangout with my friends.