Joakim Hansson

I’ve had a great passion for software development, reverse engineering, hardware and IT in general for quite a while. I am most comfortable working with .NET/C# but have an open mind and love to do new stuff.

I strive to learn as much as I possibly can every day and share the knowledge I get with others. In my spare time I spend time with my lovely girlfriend, workout, read a good software/hardware development book and hangout with my friends.

I'll never forget the first time I got that feeling of success and power that I still get today when fixing or creating something related to the great and somewhat magical world of computers.

I had just turned 11 and my parents, whom had been using computers for a couple of years already which we got to use a very limited time of the day, decided to buy another one that would be fully accessible to me and my 4 siblings. The fact that I had my own personal login made it all even better and it felt like such a freedom being able to create documents, save bookmarks, install games etc. in my completely own virtual space.

However, I had no idea that all those things my 4 siblings and I did could in turn mess with the computer itself and I had this proven to me the hard way.The computer started crashing with a weird blue screen and text that might as well of been in Chinese at the time. It frustrated me as this happened more and more frequently and I got scared that my parents would blame me. One day I decided to take one for the team and see if I could fix it. As soon as that blue screen showed up again I would write down as much as I could on a piece of paper and continued to do this for every crash until I had it all written down. At the time, Google did not exist and I spent my time searching around on AltaVista. At last I was able to get rid of the blue screen and knowing that I just saved my parents a lot of money and frustration made me continue and develop the passion I have today.​