Isak Prytz

I clearly remember the joy when I had successfully saved up the money for the last part of my very own computer in the late 90’s. Me and my two younger brothers were living in a separate house from the rest of my family on a farm outside Linköping, and we turned that house in to a game-cave with military net in the ceiling and computers everywhere. Almost every weekend we had some sort of “LAN-party” going on.

I’ve always loved computers and technology, but when I finished the IT program at the gymnasium in 2001 there was not that many IT jobs available after the dot-com boom, and my career took a different path. I worked with banking and telemarketing for a while before I decided to go after some Norwegian oil gold. I left my job and apartment, bought a cheep Opel Vectra, put a mattress in the back and drove together with a friend to Oslo were we took all kinds of crazy jobs, and I ended up staying there for a couple of years. To make a long story short, I met the love of my life in Oslo, we traveled the world and lived in Australia together for 1,5 years, got married and moved to Stockholm. Then I finally found my way back to working with computers, which I realize is what I like the most. I studied at a vocational university (KY) to become a Java & Web developer, got a job at a startup as a web developer, but then got the great opportunity and privilege to join the ninja apprentice program at tretton37 where I am today!

On my free time I like to do adventures with my wife and 1,5 year old son, climbing, long boarding, traveling, programming and learning new things. I also spend a lot of time working voluntarily with youth.