Hektor Wallin

​I guess you can say that I started in tech support, being the all around handyman for everything with electricity flowing through it at my parents home, almost from the moment I was able to flip the switch to "On". A tradition that still stands strong today whenever I visit my childhood home, but since then I've also found other ways to make use of my keen interest in technology.

I found out about programming somewhere in my teens and straight away I started making games. The kind of games where everything is superhero themed and all of the coolest sound effects would play at any user interaction. With that kind of track record I really had no choice but to join the Games Development program at university and while there I learned that there were other things to create with computers besides Batman-themed games.

Growing up, you could place almost any kind of object in my hands, be it a computer, a ball or an instrument, and my fortune would be made. Whenever I discovered something that captured my interest I wanted to dive deep into it and learn everything there was to know. Now that I'm (kinda) grown up, it's technology has become the arena where I live and explore and where there's constantly something amazing that I can't wait to get my hands on. In the jungle that is software development the web platform is my home turf and a great passion of mine, but I strive to always be open to every possible solution to find the best one. Whether it's using the current months most popular JS-framework or maybe a Raspberry Pi and a small camera, I tend to find myself enjoying it immensely anyway.

On the rare occasions when my fingers aren't touching a keyboard I like to kick around a football, play games with a couple of friends, perhaps listen to some neat music (wouldn't mind it being at a nice bar with a few beers), ride my skateboard if the weather allows it or cook something delicious with my girlfriend.