Fredrik Palmqvist

After trying out an education and a career involving everything from teaching, interaction design (studied for a master degree once upon a time), software testing (amongst others the amazing Symbian OS:)), test and project management to business analyst and product management, I now start to think that I know what I will actually do when I grow up.

I have found out that I get the most satisfaction of being a member of a team and the one trying to facilitate, organize and enthuse all to work in the same direction. And when this is happening, and I talk to the customer, to the testers, to the developers, to the guy with the moneybag - basically to all the stakeholders, and I found out that they are all striving to reach a common goal and are happy about it – that's when I'm happy too.

And by joining tretton37 I hope to further elaborate what I believe I do right and to learn a whole lot more and grow as an individual, both in business and personally.

When I'm not working I spend most of the time with my wife, Lisa, and daughter, Filippa, who turns 2 years old (!) in a month and really brings joy to every day (although not saying she's always being cute and well-behaving :)). I try to stay in shape by jogging, taking long walks, gasping on an exercise bike or playing badminton (a while ago though).I also have a rather huge interest in football and Liverpool FC in particular (followed by MFF) so for me, just thinking of that night in Istanbul in May 2005, still gives me goose bumps :).

I'm happy to be aboard and end this text with an obvious “You'll never walk alone!”