Fredrik Källström

I've always seen myself as a creative person, but without any kind of artistic skill as an outlet for my creativity! I fell head over heels in love with programming when I started coding a couple of years ago, and this interest has allowed me to be creative whilst combining it with computers and technology – awesome! Although I haven't been coding for a very long, I’m certain I’ll be doing it for many years to come; both professionally and privately.


During the spring of 2014 I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Informatics. I’ve never had any doubts about what I wanted to do once I’d finished; I wanted a job where I got to code and an employer that would support me with possibilities and knowledge to enable my drive to learn and become a better programmer. tretton37 ticked both those boxes!


Besides coding, I like spending time with friends and forcing myself to exercise, as I spend way too much of my time listening to and browsing for new music!