Frank Hennekens

Born in the Netherlands, I found my love for engineering early on in life.Creating and building, exploring and testing things, trying to understand how and why it worked. (My parent’s TV has long held beautiful rainbow coloured circles induced due to my small magnetic experiment…..)

A love that never left me. My choice of study in later years became an easy one, Electrical Engineering with specialisation in (tele-) communications. I felt that it would give me a solid basis for making a true and lasting difference in life for me, and for people in general. Literally being at the cradle of Bluetooth technology became one of my most impactful experiences.

Along the way I got more and more interested in business in its widest sense, but my love for technology end engineering has never left me. I have always sought to combine the two elements in whatever role I have had, from heading R&D to heading sales organisations or in more general management roles, in whatever industry I worked (telecoms, defence, public transport or IT).

Oh yes, to my tag line: my rather active sports past and music excursions have learned me a valuable lesson. Talent is something one is gifted with at birth, but true excellence is merely achieved through dedication and passion; hard work, very very hard work until it becomes a lifestyle.It is this shared quest for excellence that makes me feel so at home here with tretton37.