Elise Ellerstedt

My journey as a developer started at LTH the autumn 2009. I had just turned 18. Everything was new and exciting. To be honest, the first semester involved a lot more socializing than studying. Even though I kept up with the classes. However, I had never programmed before and it seemed almost alien like at first. I guess some of you who have studied at LTH have had courses held by the legendary Per Holm. I remember juggling both listening to his lectures whiles writing down notes from the whiteboard as fast as I could, really trying to take it all in and memorizing. Just as I finished he would draw a big cross above the code on the whiteboard and say ”This is how you don’t do!”. I was fairly confused. After a summer of hard studies it finally turned.

I studied for five years with main focus on usability and design and received my Master of Science last June. After being introduced to Jayway through my Master Thesis, I continued as a trainee for half a year. Our main focus was web development. We were introduced to a lot of concepts and I believe I got a stable ground. I worked as a Frontend developer for a couple of months before receiving a call from here. The interviews were by far the best I had been on and I received a very good impression. There was no doubt in transforming into a ninja!

My main passion is design, in all forms. Everything from user experience to interior design. However, programming gives me more of a challenge and my favorite scenarios are combining the two. I have several ongoing projects during my spear time. I like to try new things and my plan ahead is to explore many different areas within my first years as a working developer.

When I’m not spending time in front of the computer I like to play tennis and keep active.

I am really excited to getting to know all of you and to learn about your journeys to becoming ninjas! :)