Elise Ellerstedt

My journey as a developer started at LTH in autumn 2009. I had just turned 18, and everything was new and exciting. To be honest, the first semester involved a lot more socialising than studying (even though I kept up with the classes). However, I had never programmed before and it seemed almost alien-like at first. I guess those of you who have studied at LTH have had courses held by the legendary Per Holm. I remember trying to juggle both listening to his lectures while writing down notes from the whiteboard as fast as I could - really trying to take it all in and memorise as much as possible. Just as I finished, he would draw a big cross above the code on the whiteboard and say; ”This is how you don’t do it!”. I was fairly confused. After a summer of hard studies it finally turned around, and after five years of hard work I received my MSc where my main focus was on usability and design.

My main passion is design, in all forms. Everything from user experience to interior design. However, programming gives me more of a challenge and my favourite scenario is combining the two - I have several on-going projects during my spare time. I like to try new things and my plan is to explore as many different areas as possible during my first few years working as a developer.

When I’m not spending time in front of the computer I like to play tennis and keep active.