Daniel Ignat

Creating something from nothing, making use of platforms and abstractions to achieve great things efficiently, working as a team towards a common and sometimes unclear goal...these are just some of the reasons as to why I love my profession!

I thrive in being a part of a team that takes responsibility; where any developer can take an idea, and together with the rest of the team - and organisation - make it a reality. I don't want to be afraid of any part of the solution; backend, frontend, automated testing, deploy, processes etc. This puts high demands on myself as a person to never stop being curious - to avoid becoming irrelevant. There are so many different ways to solve a problem, all with a long list of pros and cons.

When I get off work I like to wind down by watching movies and tv-shows. I also do a lot of different activities with my friends; eat hamburgers, play board games, discgolf, floorball, street hockey, ice hockey, climbing etc. Variation is the spice of life!