Caroline Gustafsson

I'm 22 years old and live in Malmö with my family.In three words I would describe myself as engaged, driven and determined.I have a graduation as a graphic designer, and what I love about design is communication with costumers and their user experience. I discovered my interest in developing during my education, and that's when I started to dig deeper for knowledge to get better.My favorite thing to design is digital services for mobile platforms, and to develop new products that is creative and innovative with todays technology that supports and solves customer needs is my favorite part. I'm a fan of HTML and LESS. When I work I'm very structured and I like a good timetable with a clear target. I like to work in Adobe and Sketch.

During my spare time I like to train my dogs, two lovely Shetland Sheepdogs. I'm an member off Pink Programming in Malmö. I enjoy good food, coffee and company by really good friends.

I prefer winter before summer and my favorite travel destinations are cities. I love to see historical places and famous buildings. I have visited many parts of Europe but my dream would be to travel to USA, I already have a route planned for this adventure.