Björn Gustafsson

I knew as a kid what I wanted to be. When the other little tykes wanted to be policemen, movie stars or fire trucks, I wanted to be a programmer.

More specifically, I wanted to move to California and be a games programmer at Sierra On-Line​, because that seemed like the absolutely coolest thing ever. For some reason I never got far with games programming, Sierra closed down and my life took a different path - down the route of more enterprisey things.

I started out fresh out of high school as a rent-a-worker via one of the - then - major staffing companies in Sweden, clicking on buttons in the correct order with a good pace - as you are quite often confined to do when you're young and without education.Before long, however, I realised I could do more and started improving the tools at the company I was rented out to (and later on employed by), giving me a taste of what was to come. Fast forward a couple of years and I'm out and away into the big world outside the first job, but at least at this point I'm a programmer.

Since then, years have flown by and languages and frameworks have come and gone, but I'm still doing what I dreamt of doing as a kid - albeit in a slightly different market than I anticipated.