Bengt Holmberg

For the past 25 years I have worked as a kind of ‘tout’ – finding people and inviting/throwing them in off the street. You may think this to be a strange analogy, but it’s about finding talent wherever it may be. I strongly believe that it’s the individuals behind a company's door that can deliver something extraordinary.

I admire people that have chosen to focus their talent on one specific area. The area itself does not have to be very ‘sexy’, but seeing a person’s passion and knowledge within that area excites me. It’s about spending time with those individuals - not necessarily trying to understand the tech details - but trying to get at least a glimpse of how their expertise and talent can be utilized and harnessed to benefit the goals of a client is what drives me. My passion is to try to understand business dreams and convert them to some kind of sustainable IT reality.

Outside of office hours, I’m a keen marathon runner with a time well under four hours (3:59)! I’m also a hunter and dog-lover who appreciates good food and drinks. I’m all about contrasts and love the snow and deserts equally.