Angelina Agesand

Since I was little, I have always loved to draw and enjoyed making art crafts. Therefore, I earned a Fine Art education and got a background as a visual designer and art director from Taipei, Taiwan where I grew up.

Added to that, I graduated from the Interactive Art Director / Design Lead program at Hyper Island in Stockholm. There I have developed a keen interest in UX design. I believe design should be based on user needs and business goals, which should inform the design direction and help us design the final solution.

I would describe myself as a curious person who loves to experience, explore and learn new things, always loaded with positive energy, engaged, open to sharing and dedicated to all the work done. And I found Tretton37 is the company with a beautiful vision of culture. I am so proud to be a part of the family.

Moreover, my favorite activity is watercolor painting while listening to classical or jazz music as a way to meditate. Due to my never-ending curiosity I also very much enjoy photography as a leisure activity and even opera and ballet. My general daily activities include going to the gym for yoga, dance or body pump classes, to keep my energy charged and mind well balanced.