Anastasiia Anastasis

​I am an enthusiastic optimist with the life motto “Smile to the World and the World will smile to you’. Everything I do I do with heart and the way I would like it to be done for me. Almost ten years of working in different international teams have taught me to appreciate the beauty and wisdom of different cultures. Diversity opens the gates to creativity and enriches our life with various colours and flavours, and that is why I always keep my mind open to new people, new experiences and new ideas.

This time my search for new challenges has brought me to Sweden and I am very excited about the opportunity to explore this magical world of endless human imagination at tretton37 as well as to make my small contribution by helping our Ninjas within the service area.

I can’t say I am already a real Ninja myself but I am definitely trying to become one by spending my leisure time on tatami polishing up my new beginner’s skills at Combat Ju Jutsu instead of polishing my nails at the beauty parlour. If I am not there then I am probably walking in the woods, reading, writing or baking some cakes.