I think, therefore I am... a ninja.

Agron Kabashi

“Adaptable problem solver with a thirst for knowledge”

I have been working in the software industry for over 7 years now, and even though the road has been bumpy, I don’t regret a single second of it! My experiences have been quite varied, from creating games to full blown web-based intranet platforms. Because of this variation and these experiences I’ve found that recently I’ve acquired a thirst for front-end development and anything web related, which can range from mobile apps to web-based SaaS solutions. The fact that you can create ANYTHING with almost nothing is an exhilarating feeling. It’s one of the major reasons that keeps me going; the only limit is my imagination.

I absolutely love to travel and experience new cultures (and food!) when the opportunity presents itself. My goal in life is to visit as many places and experience as many different cultures as I possibly can. So far I can cross off Europe and half of Asia from my list, and I look forward to many more exciting adventures to come.

Anders Persson

“I’m a lot better at writing code than I am at writing tag lines.”

It’s an exciting time – almost all physical products and services today can be re-imagined and improved by software. Mobile devices are changing the world by making computing power available anytime, anywhere. This is without a doubt one of the most important "chapters" of the information revolution.

As a technology connoisseur I’m pleased to be a part of this era because there is nothing that I like more than to fiddle with the new tools, new technologies and new hardware to see what we can do with it. How can we tame them to squeeze more value out of our business processes or cut development costs in half?

But it’s not all about technology, ultimately it is about people. I always try to think about the customers sitting (or walking) in front of my application. User experience has long been a secondary goal of software development and I've made it my mission to change that.

When I’m not coding on a pet project you will most likely find me on a squash court or making plans for my next trip to some exotic destination.

Anders Ringqvist

“I am an autodidact web standards zealot, member of the Knights order of Blue Beanies. ”

I see myself as a Web Standards Evangelist. As a master of the holy trinity – HTML, CSS and JavaScript, I have waged war against unholy spaghetti code for 16 years, participated in the crusade against table-based layouts, the persecution of the spacer gif, and the eradication of the LAYER element. On top of that, I am an expert in browser-issue solving and an enlisted Code Medic during the divitis and classitis pandemics that raged after the table crusade. At the moment, I’m at the besiegement of IE and if all goes well, this behemoth will soon fall.

What do I do when I am not a proud nerd? Well, I am still being a proud nerd – the only difference is that you will probably see me on my Ducati motorcycle.

Anders Rosén

“Holistic problem solver that thinks there is a pattern for everything”

When starting out I visited a lot of companies, and everywhere I looked I saw the need for IT systems that didn't exist. So, I educated myself in order to be able to help these companies. That's the very short version of how I ended up in the IT business! Fast forward 15 years later and I'm still happy that I took this route, as I love learning new things and sharing insights with others.

In my spare time I like to spend time with my family; my wife, two grown-up kids and a 6 year old. My family has a strong connection to Vietnam so we try to go there every other year or so. If anyone is curious about northern Vietnam then I'm happy to give some hints or tips! When at home I find that taking care of the garden is a nice way to relax from work. I also spend a lot of time in a karate dojo.

Andreas Håkansson

“I am really technology unbiased and believe that there are valuable lessons to be learned from spelunking around with other languages and stacks.”

In the middle of the ever changing, constantly evolving and continuously innovating universe that we like to call the Software Industry, you will find me rubbing my hands together. I love the fact that I have been working for over a decade in this industry but I can still turn on my computer every morning and have an almost infinite stream of new things to explore. Combine that with the inherited relationship that this industry has with problem solving, and I could not see myself working with anything else.

My main area of work has always been the web, working with both back- and front-end technologies to deliver modern and user friendly e-commerce solutions. I am one of those guys who have had to write more lines of Internet Explorer specific CSS and JavaScript than anyone cares to admit to.

I am a strong advocate of Open-Source software and I spend a huge portion of my “off hours” programming time working on various Open-Source projects. The crown jewel amongst these projects is the industry changing web framework, Nancy (of course, fully MIT licensed!).

Even though I mainly work with the .NET stack, I am really technology unbiased and believe that there are valuable lessons to be learned from spelunking around with other languages and stacks. Why? Simply because there is no such thing as a silver bullet and the old saying, “Choose the right tool for the job.” couldn’t be more relevant now that we find ourselves in the busiest and most rapidly evolving era of our industry.

Andreas Nilsson

“I like to write and think about code…that is, until I get my Tour-card!”

When I'm not reading about new technologies or trying out new frameworks, I spend my time at the golf course (when the weather allows for it) or in the gym. These activities suits me perfectly, because when I'm walking up to that 250m drive, or catching my breath after bench-pressing 100kgs (-40...), I utilize these small moments to think about my current projects. Those moments often generate small chunks of code or solution epiphanies. The hard part is to remember those eureka-bursts and bring them to work the next day...

Artem Konovalenkov

“I’m a passionate software developer with a love of sports”

Let’s be honest, programming is awesome! What I especially like about programming is that it is both challenging and creative. My current area is mostly frontend with javascript but my interests are C# and .NET as well. When I’m not working I like to learn new things regarding programming, computer science, new technologies, languages and tools.

My second life is sport - I like football, training at the gym and I also enjoy martial arts! When I’m not programming or doing something sporty, I love to hang out with my family.

I’m originally from Siberia and am really enjoying it here in Sweden! You may think it gets cold in Stockholm during the winter, but it’s nothing compared to the -35 temperatures back there! I just need to get my head around the language!

I’m really excited to be working with passionate and highly professional people who love what they do, and that’s why I’m proud to be a part of tretton37.

Balazs Gobel

“I fell in love with coding, I just hope coding loves me back”

I've been lucky enough to study interaction design up until now, so I tend to think about code and design. User experience and design thinking both come in handy while developing; at the end of the day, it all boils down to creating something that people not only need, but love!

So I approach coding in a UX point of view - creating (re)usable and sexy code. Plus my curiosity drives me every day to strive for better solutions. Constantly improving everything I get my hands on is kind of my motto. It applies to almost everything I do: whether it's finding new alternatives to libraries or my inline skating routes. I am also a big fan of live-action and animation series, skiing and snowboarding.

Balazs Suhajda

“I'm a self-taught developer with a passion for protecting the environment”

As so many in my generation, I spent a considerable amount of my childhood in front of monitors. Unlike many though, the biggest portion of that time wasn’t spent playing, but rather experimenting, creating, and coding. I liked to create photo montages when digital cameras and computer screens were still monochrome! When starting my career in desktop publishing, I was immediately drawn to the world wide web. I loved being able to write code, and then interact with the result instantly. As the web exploded, I evolved from a back-to-front developer building entire sites to a front-end developer cooperating with several back-end developer, before finally finding my calling as an interface developer; connecting modern technology to the end user. As a self-taught developer I like to take courses and attend conferences to keep up-to-date with the latest of html, css and javascript.

I’ve always had a green spirit. As a young boy, I attached a rake to my bicycle to collect garbage in a nearby park. As a young adult, I started changing my diet, supporting different environmental causes and making conscious lifestyle choices to reduce my ecological footprint. I recently moved to a house in Veberöd with my wife, 2 kids and 2 cats and we're taking small steps towards creating a self sustaining home . Being a DIY kind of guy, the house gives me ample opportunity to fix, improve and learn new skills outside of the digital world. The green surroundings and easy access to nearby forests and lakes satisfies my desire to be out in nature as much as possible.

Bernardo Antunes

“I am a Software Architect obsessed with designing practical technical solutions for the world’s most difficult problems... and I also like coffee.”

When I broke my second tape recorder, my father told me that he would not buy me another one – that was the moment when I grabbed the BASIC manuals and learned how to make my first program. 25+ years later, I continue with the same passion for learning new technologies and developing the coolest software solutions. I love to discuss ideas and make them happen while trying to improve myself and the system.

In my free hours, I like to spend time with my family, explore the world and discover new places.

Björn Handell

“I am a skateboard-riding customer relations Ninja with a great passion for making business relationships productive and fun.”

Through my career, I have gone by the axiom that the first delivery is the easy part, the real trick is to perform in such way that we are invited back again and again by the customer. I try to adhere to the customer’s wishes, but once in a while I disagree and challenge their perception and try to find a new way of thinking/acting.

'Finding new ways' is a nice way of describing rule breaking, which at times may be not only desirable, but also necessary. At tretton37, we challenge old ways in order to make the future a better place. On a personal level, I am married and have two sons. When the schedule permits, I devote as much time as possible to a 3-decade-long-passion for Skateboarding (mostly Transition & Vertical, but all kinds of board riding are cool).

Bojan Skrchevski

“If debugging is the process of removing software bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in”

We have come a long way from being the "basement" nerds that nobody wants to talk to, to the modern day mixed media served image of money filled (super-rich)-enterpreneur-programmer(which is sadly just a few lucky ones). So where is the truth? What are we, where are we? How do we manage to form a picture of ourselves and what we want to accomplish in today’s diversity of technologies and approaches to software development?

I know it maybe not much, but I've been involved for quite a while both as an amateur since I was a little kid typing random programs in Basic on my Commodore 64 back in the 90's, then professionally since 2005, all the way up until today. Still to this day, what satisfies me most is being able to do something good for people, help people, and make their lives just a little bit easier. That is what keeps me going forward, and that is why I chose this profession.

Having dealt with a plethora of technologies and programming languages in the past, in the last few years I've settled for C# .Net backend of large systems with (mostly) millions of users. I also like to think of myself as a specialist in performance optimization of such systems.

When I’m not programming, I mostly drink beer, play Xbox and watch football. I also do a little bit of working out...

Chris Sainty

“An Australian software developer trained in a land where every bug can kill you.”

Over 15 years ago I traded my surfboard for a compiler and I have been hooked ever since.

While the salty Aussie ocean will always flow through my veins, my mind never strays far from the next programming challenge. I am a specialist in backend development for line-of-business and consumer software and I have spent over a decade working in multi-channel retail and supply chain operations.

On my own time I contribute code to a number of open source projects including NancyFx and RavenDb. I invest heavily in my own skills by constantly spiking out projects that use new tools and languages to keep my knowledge broad and up to date.

When I am not writing code or riding my kangaroo, I will likely be found at a live concert, watching a movie, or exploring a corner of Europe.

Christian Olsson

“I am a Functional Lead/Product owner with excellent communication skills, handling software requirements the same way as I handle a slope in the Alps: like a pro.”

During my six years in the IT business, I have worked very closely with the development, testing and processes of information systems, which has given me a very good insight into what it takes for a product to be successful and generate value.

This experience has been used in different roles where I have handled stakeholders, planned for product road-maps, and guided teams developing the product. My attitude to my work is the same as to my everyday life: keep it simple and keep it fun. Focus should be on the solution – not the problem – and in my opinion there is a solution to everything.

Christian Tallhamn

“Take a break? - I'll have plenty of time for that when I'm dead!”

In the early nineties, I met the love of my life; the internet. After chatting with some really shady people on IRC-clients like Pirch32 and later mIRC I discovered HTML-coding and built my very own "homepage". Knowing that there are a couple of good archiving services out there I will not disclose the address - but let's just say that I wasn't very good. Realizing this, I turned to more mainstream and less impressive software like ICQ and Dreamweaver. I played Quakeworld on a dial-up 28.8 kbit modem which almost drove my family mad - needless to say the two-channel ISDN was a blessing (until the bill came).

I dropped the gaming and IT (with the exception of early versions of Counter-Strike) and took an entirely different road for about 10 years before I got back into IT as a tech support employee for an ISP. Realizing that I could no longer control the longing to be around nerds I stayed - but I didn't really find the right people until I joined tretton37. I’m extremely proud to be a part of the family, and I love being able to contribute with my knowledge, passion and dedication to the team.

I am a social guy, playful, yet professional - with a big heart and an analytic mind. I would love to say that I do extreme sports, compete in MMA or arm-wrestle professionally but fact of the matter is; I don't. My superpower is that I make the people around me happy and I am always curious about learning new things and meeting interesting people; which is why I can't wait to talk to you, dear reader!

Daniel Dani

“Humble and all-round involved coder who always tries to write simpler code, so that I can understand it.”

Although I have been coding for a while now, I still haven't come to a point were I am satisfied with what I write.

This is not a bad thing I believe, it's a means of striving to write better code. Also working here with all these super-cool developers just makes me even more humble to the task.

Writing simple and understandable code that's fun for others to read and comment on is an art form, luckily for me as I am only capable of drawing stick figures.

When not working with .NET with TDD in focus, I try to tinker with Node.js in my spare time.

Besides exploring new tech, tools, framework and whatnot I spend as much time as possible hanging with my 2 year old rebel son. Its shocking how similar our humor is.

Daniel Ignat

“I like leaving everything in a better state than how I found it”

Creating something from nothing, making use of platforms and abstractions to achieve great things efficiently, working as a team towards a common and sometimes unclear goal...these are just some of the reasons as to why I love my profession!

I thrive in being a part of a team that takes responsibility; where any developer can take an idea, and together with the rest of the team - and organisation - make it a reality. I don't want to be afraid of any part of the solution; backend, frontend, automated testing, deploy, processes etc. This puts high demands on myself as a person to never stop being curious - to avoid becoming irrelevant. There are so many different ways to solve a problem, all with a long list of pros and cons.

When I get off work I like to wind down by watching movies and tv-shows. I also do a lot of different activities with my friends; eat hamburgers, play board games, discgolf, floorball, street hockey, ice hockey, climbing etc. Variation is the spice of life!

Daniel Lager

“I’m a passionate frontend developer who loves javascript.”

I’ve spent the last few years developing and maintaining single page applications using mainly the KnockoutJS library. I love the fast moving world of javascript and front end development, and I’m always striving to improve my knowledge and get better at my trade.

I started coding in my spare time when I went to law school. Since coding was so much more fun than law school I decided to pursue coding full time as soon as I finished my degree. Since then I have worked mainly with e-commerce.

I am very happy to be part of the tretton37 family, a company that - to me - represents cutting edge skills and knowledge sharing. I hope I can continue to develop my own skills here and that my goal of becoming a full stack ninja can be fulfilled.

When I am not coding I like to spend time with my wife and my two kids.

Daniel Liljhammar

“I am a devoted software developer with a love for creating software solutions that are easy to understand, comfortable to maintain, and fun to develop.”

I have a strong focus on quality and on keeping code clean and simple – to me less is more. I bring experience from a large variety of systems, having worked with software architecture and development in products ranging from low level real-time systems, to high order .NET solutions. I am also a true team player with great social skills and I bring a positive energy that drives productivity in the teams that I am part of.

When I’m not developing software, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, trying out new and delicious recipes in the kitchen, or going out for a run.

Daniel Rosendal

“I strive to create software that helps the user to effectively solve tasks that are important to them, whilst letting them enjoy themselves as they do so”

All my life I have enjoyed well designed products, both virtual and physical. To me that means that the product is aesthetically pleasing and also highly usable. On the other hand, bad design can frustrate me to no end. The book “The design of Everyday things” by Don Norman opened my eyes to just how much bad design we have to put up with in our modern society, everything from simple products like doors that don’t give any hints if they should be pushed or pulled to software that crashes and tells you that you experienced error 4787 and no other information about what just happened or what should be done about it. This made me want to create nice things to help people out in their everyday lives, and as I spend most of my time in front of a screen in some shape or form, I chose software development as my path to doing so.

When developing software my primary focus has always been end user experience. Nothing makes me happier than interacting with a user group or customer to create the most aesthetic and effective tools possible. However, I have realized that building software is a tricky business, to achieve external quality there needs to be internal quality. This has made me broaden my interest from the UI to all application layers.

In my spare time I enjoy looking at expensive things I can’t afford, mostly furniture or electronics. I also play squash and pretend that I’m a runner. Gaming and movies are two other interests, and - of course - hanging out with friends, often in the company of nice beer or coffee.

Deniz Yildirim

“I am a hippie at heart who happened to end up on the serious side of the line.”

Last winter, somebody in California asked me what was the most extreme sport I’ve done so far. I answered immediately that it’s doing business in the IT-industry. He laughed. And I don’t know if he actually got what I meant. What I was trying to say is that in all extreme sports, you get a temporary rush of adrenaline and the kick will eventually disappear within a maximum of one hour after the activity is done. If you deal with this, you’ll just enjoy the permanent rush 24/7 and for life. You become a junky!

Yes, I believe I’ve become a junky. Over the last year, while I was taking a break from the industry, I realized that I love my job and I love the IT-industry. I already knew it but I’ve never thought that I would miss it so much. I’m telling you, I’ve seriously had some hard time fighting against my abstinence from creating something big!

I do enjoy being in this dynamic business that changes everyday. I love being in touch with so many creative and driven people around me. I love creating new things, helping our clients, and working under extreme stress and pressure. I enjoy having a role with a lot of responsibility and working within a team that has a common goal and purpose in life.

So, if I’m not getting my daily dose of adrenaline at tretton37, you can see me jumping from airplanes, diving in caves, or on my motorbike riding to some undiscovered destination.

Elin Paulsson

“I’m a country girl who ended up in the tech-business spending my time finding a needle in a haystack”

I started my career in finance but my curiosity for “how does it work” led me towards the technology industry, and even if I can’t speak code (yet) I’ve started to understand the lingo pretty well. I meet developers almost every day and the first meeting with a new candidate is always exciting; will they be the perfect match? I believe it’s not always about finding the most qualified candidate but the right candidate to match our values and culture at tretton37.

As a recruiter it’s crucial that I am able to communicate the uniqueness of tretton37 to potential colleagues. While this may sound challenging, it’s really easy when you work for a company that has – and lives by – values that you can stand for.

Out of office hours I like to travel to new and exciting places. I lived in the Alps for a while, and downhill skiing is a great passion of mine. I also like to play golf and have just started a new hobby – crosswords!

Emil Giljam

“I balance my skills in developing mobile platform solutions with a keen interest in exquisite cuisine and jazz.”

For the last couple years, I've had the privilege of taking on multiple roles within the same project. Starting with requirements, I eventually moved to development with the team, then to multi-national pilots.

Currently we're enjoying the crescendo: a very successful global rollout! To recharge, I like spending my time in the kitchen. A nice dinner among friends gives me all the energy I need to create another masterpiece.

Emy Spjuth

“Yes, I am a web developer and no, I won't make you a website for free”

After realizing that I would never get a career as a rock star musician I took my creativity and became an artist in web crafting instead. Since then, my interest has only grown bigger and I've over the years become particularly fond of the crossover between code and design for ease of use. I consider myself to be very very fortunate, because my job simply entails doing what I love. My main tools in the making are HTML, CSS and Javascript. With them I strive to become the best at what I do.

I also love being outdoors - either hiking or climbing, and inside you'll find me playing the drums or the PS3. I also love cuddly animals!

Enrico Campidoglio

“I'm a software architect with a strong passion for quality and good old fashioned knowlege sharing. I may also have a mild OCD.”

I value simple designs that clearly communicate their intent through code that is both expressive and clean. The sight of a well crafted piece of software always fills me with a sense of joy.

Another thing I find extremely rewarding is to exchange knowledge with the community. I like to actively take part in the conversation by blogging and speaking at conferences and user groups about the subjects that I'm most passionate about. I'll talk to anyone who will listen about object-oriented design, unit testing, architecture and, occasionally, coffee making.

In my spare time I contribute to AutoFixture, an open source library for .NET. AutoFixture helps alleviate some of the friction experienced when doing Test-driven development, by making it easier to generate test data.

When not in front of a computer, I spend time with my family or go out for a long run.

Erik Forsberg

“I have a love affair with both the technological and the soft aspects of our industry.”

I’m an always-learning developer, architect and coach with a crush on Mobility and the web. There are just so many possibilities when you can reach the world from a device that you always carry. And we are just in the early stages of this era, imagine 10 years from now!

The great thing about software development is the fact that it includes so many social aspects like communication and team work, as well as being a never-ending technological evolution. Many people see this as a technology race and that’s just wrong, technology will never win the race against people, even if it’s named Skynet.

The last couple of years I have focused on how we communicate, organize, produce, and deliver software in a specific team or in a specific organization. It may be in the form of using different agile practices, or how we conduct continuous improvement and change the way we work.

Beside this I’m a TV-series nerd with a huge amount of unnecessary knowledge. For your information, The Shield has won 2 Golden Globes :)

Erik Juhlin

“I like when complex problems can be solved with simple code. Much like when Barcelona makes passing the football look so simple.”

I've spent the last 10 years building products for e-commerce and web content management and have worked on some of the largest e-commerce projects in Sweden. Being a consultant/ninja is a lot different but also a lot of fun. And it's nice to see that the skills and experience I've gathered come to good use. I like clean code, low friction architecture and I always try to think of the guy coming after me to work with the code.

I'm a skateboarder at heart, but don't go out and ride as much as I would want to. I'm also a big football fan and my girlfriend and I go to Olympia to see most of Helsingborg IF's home games (she's a bigger HIF fan than me). My team is Barcelona...

Erik Stoy

“I'm a generalist who happily moves between coding for the sheer joy of it and producing systems with clear business value.”

I see no conflict between making profit and doing good. The important thing is that you care. Then all the rest will follow.

I love code. It can be the most beautiful thing. But it can also taunt you and infuriate you. It can teach you and open new worlds. It can be your own special gem or it can be shared. It can reveal the soul of its creator or be the most impenetrable mist. But by definition it is always alive (well nearly always anyway). And just like other forms of life it is made up of the simplest building blocks imaginable, combined according to a few simple rules, yet creating forms of dizzying power and complexity. It's a never-ending love affair.

I'm also passionate about my family, playing Go, and playing and watching golf. And I can spend hours watching chemistry lectures on the Net, monitoring current affairs across the globe or cooking far-too-complex dinners. In short, when I do something I do it to the max.

Fredrik Källbäck

“If it takes a stuffed bear and rabbit to prove a point, then you're gonna see my stuffed bear & rabbit. And then you know what you're gonna see? My point. And I make a very good point.”

I bring the best out of people through teamwork. As individuals, we possess untapped energy that can be triggered and utilized when we find our place within a team. I help people recognize and maximize these internal resources.

I call it the 'chain of positive reaction' – when we learn how to better collaborate with one another, we discover powers within ourselves. And it is when we surprise ourselves that it becomes easier to deliver our best, naturally encouraging others to do the same. Every team has an individual uniqueness and every individual is an integral piece to something larger than itself. Essentially, when we throw the best of what we have to offer and let it mingle with others', we become awesome. And that is how I want to spend my time – making discoveries, surprising myself and sharing awesomeness with others.

Fredrik Källström

“I am of the opinion that if it's not on the internet then it's probably not worth investing time on!”

I've always seen myself as a creative person, but without any kind of artistic skill as an outlet for my creativity! I fell head over heels in love with programming when I started coding a couple of years ago, and this interest has allowed me to be creative whilst combining it with computers and technology – awesome! Although I haven't been coding for a very long, I’m certain I’ll be doing it for many years to come; both professionally and privately.


During the spring of 2014 I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Informatics. I’ve never had any doubts about what I wanted to do once I’d finished; I wanted a job where I got to code and an employer that would support me with possibilities and knowledge to enable my drive to learn and become a better programmer. tretton37 ticked both those boxes!


Besides coding, I like spending time with friends and forcing myself to exercise, as I spend way too much of my time listening to and browsing for new music!

Fredrik Leijon

“I’m awesome and have a solution to all problems.”

I’m a developer that always is looking for a fun challenge. I’m not religious when it comes to frameworks, languages or patterns – I use what will give me the best result – and this has lead me to working on projects ranging from C# and Java to Ruby and C.

When I’m not at our client's site, writing epic code and solving the problems of our world, I make things. Everything from smart phone apps and websites to electronic gadgets and shell scripts.

Fredrik Nilsson

“In my world the glass is always half full, not half empty. I think there is a solution for everything!”

I consider myself to be a positive and very social person who defines success as being able to make other people happy regardless if it’s family, friends, customers or fellow colleagues.

With great communication and organizations skills, I focus on finding business value, software requirements, and making sure things proceed as planned. During my years in different areas of the IT business I have learnt the importance of high quality and business value. Whatever I’m doing I always try to challenge and develop myself, regardless if it’s gaining new knowledge, working out or following the equity market.

Work should be fun and I like the saying “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”.

Hassan El-saabi

“I'm an ambitious problem solver with great knowledge.”

I’m a skilled .NET-developer with more than 9+ years of experience. What drives me is the passion and eagerness of learning new technologies and new ways of solving problems. During my time as a developer I have completed some of Microsoft’s Certified Professional diplomas such as MCPD: Enterprise Application Developer and MCPD: Web Developer.

In my spare time I like reading books, exercising, building computers and meeting with friends and family.

Henrik Andersson

“I have a passion for delivering software with high quality.”

I have been in the IT-industry since 2005 when I started my career in Reykjavik, Iceland. Oh yes, I have been eating rotten shark and slátur. After 2 years in Iceland I moved back to Sweden and now live in Stockholm and work at tretton37. My passion for delivering software with high quality dates back to 1999, before the start of my career in 2005, but that is another story.

When I'm not reading about how to deliver tip top software, I spend my time on my bike or on long walks in the forest to think about life in general. I also enjoy listening to jazz music. When jazz music flows through my ears, my feet will automatically start dancing something called 'Lindy hop' so if you see me walking down the street with a strange walk, I am just listening to jazz music.

Håkan Haraldsson

“I am an agile developer aiming to deliver functional software that matters.”

I value all parts of a software's life cycle, from requirements to tested software and everything in-between and around. But none of this matters if you do not collaborate and communicate with all parties involved in the development. Speaking the same "language" as the customer, developer, tester or whoever is a necessity of delivering great software.

At this point in my developer-life, I focus a lot on real-time web-apps which is really exciting, and the things we can do with the web today are amazing. I'm always looking for new technologies and methodologies to try out and I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

When I'm not in uniform I like to spend time with my family and to travel. I also have a great interest in useless knowledge so if you wanna challenge me for a round of trivia I will gladly accept it.

Jesper Carlgren

“It has always been my private conviction that any man who puts his intelligence up against a fish and loses had it coming. - John Steinbeck”

I was born in the region and have been involved in its IT sector for many years. I have had the opportunity to work and learn from every stage of the development process – from vision to production – in various roles; from being a developer, to managing large and small teams and account management of all sizes.

My studies include philosophy, law, economics and a Master of Science from Lund University. A day without challenges is a day without purpose. It is my intent to be part of taking tretton37 to the forefront when it comes to software solutions in the region and beyond. And along the way, have a kick ass time doing it with such an amazing collection of colleagues who are as hungry for excellence as I demand from myself.

To finally find a place where knowledge sharing and challenges are, literally, part of the work description is a beautiful thing.

Jim Kangerud

“I'm an adaptable problem solver, a skilled software developer and a big milk lover.”

I am a proud nerd, enthusiastic about taking up new challenges, both at work and in life. My friends describe me as a true team player with an endless passion and curiosity for technology.

Ambitions to absorb as much knowledge and experience as possible, make adventures a part of my everyday life. Anything you can imagine – from developing assembler to scuba diving and riding motorbikes.

Joel Sannerstedt

“I'm a team player and a sky blue football fan who thrives on problem solving.”

I have a background in political science but made the switch to the IT field a couple of years ago, when I decided to make my hobby my work. My main driving force when it comes to software development is the problem solving aspect; to understand and model real life problems and solve them with code.

In my spare time I like to go the gym and I'm also quite passionate about football, both as a fan and as a player. Few things are as satisfying as seeing your team perform above expectations, and that goes for both on the football field as well as with development. I believe that the whole, truly, can be greater than the sum of its parts.

Johan Bergens

“The computers are now fast enough to do almost anything, we just have to choose what we want to do with them”

I wrote my first web applications in the late nineties​ and directly felt that the possibilities with web technologies were almost endless. I am an experienced full stack developer ​​who likes both C#, javascript and databases. I still love to learn new things about programming, agile development and other stuff and also like to share my thoughts with others.​ Since I now have about 20 years of experience I have used a number of different technologies, mostly around .NET and web technology and always think it is fun and interesting when old things re-appear in new shapes and continue to evolve into better solutions.

When I'm not at work I like to spend time with my family, read books and listen to music and otherwise try to enjoy life as much as possible.

Johan Hyldentong

“I'm an experienced .NET developer who's always looking for new ways to solve problems.”

With an ever-present interest in computers and technology my career path came naturally to me. I aim to deliver high quality solutions by producing clean and maintainable code, preferably using agile methodologies.

My spare time is mostly spent riding my motorcycle, either on track, or on the winding roads of the countryside. Unfortunately our long winters aren't very suitable for riding, but that only means more time to catch up on new technologies.

Johan Lundborg

“I'm a people person who loves to travel”

I have always been interested in people; to understand and get to know people with different backgrounds and stories. This is one of many reasons why I ended up working with sales and business relations.

When I'm not working I like to play a few different sports and I also like to cook, but my real passion is travelling. I was born in Stockholm where I have lived most of my life, but I have also lived in Austria and South Africa. My dream is to one day head out on an expedition to the South Pole!

Johan Nyman

“Developer by profession, problem solver by heart”

I really enjoy what I do - being able to create something from nothing is an extremely inspiring and powerful feeling. Problems are there to be solved, and I strive to challenge myself to find the answers.

I love discussing code, as I think it’s a great way to get new perspectives on code and the way we write it. The ways in which we define good code are often dependent on the circumstances, but in my opinion good code is always something that is easy for others to understand and maintain. That’s why I strive to write code and solve problems as Einstein put it; “as simple as possible but not simpler”.

When I’m not at work I try to spend as much time as possible at home with my family as I’m a newly hatched dad. I also try to catch the occasional football/hockey game when I get the chance.

Johannes Steen

“I’ve got a passion for quality, clarity and shurikens, and I’m not afraid to use it.”

Ever since my early teens I’ve had an interest in doing things with my computer. Make it beep, make it blink, make it better. That interest developed into a passion over the years – a passion to learn how to command rather than simply use, to learn what new things were out there, what the world was doing with code. Command of quality, command of clarity, and definitely command of shurikens.

When I need to relax from striving for perfection, I hang around with good people, play XCOM and drink hard cider. Usually all at the same time.

Justin Nel

“Only a few find the way, some don't recognize it when they do, some don't ever want to. Observe, learn and react!”

I honestly do not think that I ever chose to be a software developer as a profession, as it was always a hobby for me, something I did for fun. Suddenly one day after I finished college, I am offered a teaching position at that same college where I was to teach two computer programming courses. After I finished the first year I found a new job at a company where I was to use a tool they had made to visualise client data, however after a short period of time I soon found myself writing software to improve what the company had to offer and very soon became their developer. With how everything has happened in my life, I think that my career chose me and since it is something that I find pleasure in, I never fought back and just accepted where it lead me.

Looking back, thinking of all my achievements, I think that I always found the most satisfaction from helping others. I always found a great amount of pleasure when I could write a simple bit of code that would help automate somebody else's work, or teaching somebody a trick or skill that I knew and they did not. With this said, I am always looking to expand my knowledge and not just in the areas of computer science. I am a sponge for all knowledge, always looking for something new to try, which in turn will allow me to help more people in the future.

Outside of work I can often be found listening to an audio book whilst doing chores, building electronics, learning languages or considering the next destination I would like to travel to.

Kalle Wallin

“An agile and adaptive software problem-solver with an eye for usefulness and usability. I'm also a fast typing ninja who makes music and beer.”

I have been programming since I was a kid, starting with early home computers and trying to make my own games. In the late nineties I started developing software professionally and have been doing that ever since. Apart from making software, databases, websites and smartphone apps for clients both big and small, I have also been involved in music production and have been on the road and recorded albums with a few bands.

Using a lot of different tools, platforms and languages over the years have taught me a great deal about the underlying concepts of technology and how to utilize them. Working in different industries and with a lot of different people has shown me that no language, hardware or software platform is as important as the fact that they are all tools used in creating something that is useful and worthwhile to people.

At tretton37 I find a use for my earned skills and all the know-how I have gathered over the years, as well as plenty of opportunities to obtain new skills. Most of all I find new challenges in the company of knowledgeable colleagues!

Karl Adriansson

“"Working in web development projects where we constantly make things better the agile way is the best type of Monday morning"”

During the last ten years I have worked as a developer in one way or another in parallel to health care, but I usually say that my speciality is general practitioner. My role has shifted over the years between developer, solution architect, agile coach, product owner and many more inbetween. The one common thread throughout the years has been that I’ve (almost) always worked with web development.

I'm thrilled to be a part of tretton37 and have a team of colleagues to exchange experiences with. A bunch of code is just a "cost", but using the right amount of code to be able to solve problems and make the end-users life a bit better is an awesome feeling!

When not at work you'll most likely find me in the kitchen trying out some new recipes or at a restaurant together with my friends looking for new culinary inspiration!

Linus Feldt

“I believe a brand's identity is delivered throughout every corner of its organization, and its dojo...”

After chasing a degree in Business Administration and Real Estate Brokerage I fell in love with marketing. Now I’m on a quest to explore every corner of the marketing universe. I’m currently part of the team taking care of the quality and service aspects of the tretton37 brand, here in our Stockholm office. It’s a great way to be hands on with the brand, as opposed to all the work I do on the computer, online. The one thing I’ve learned as a marketer, that's applicable to everything in life, is to always be genuine and that's the driving force behind everything I do and every piece of service I deliver.

When the constant exposure to social media, banner ads and our connected lifestyles starts to go on my nerves I like to escape into the deep woods of Värmland, recharging my batteries by writing about social media, banner ads and our connected lifestyles. Occasionally hooking up an old video game console to our ancient television set just to remind myself of the fact that there was a time before internet and everything was not connected.

Wherever I go, I listen to podcasts. There is an endless ocean of knowledge waiting to be streamed into our headsets. It helps me on my quest to master new things every day, whether I’m on the subway or out in the nature jogging there is always something you can do to challenge yourself. I’m currently subscribed to more than 70 podcasts, including a few electronic music ones, and the list is growing all the time.

Lotta Berg

“It’s a bit weird being a part of this group of nerds who sometimes speak languages I don’t understand. Fortunately, these nerds are quite friendly.”

I work at the Finance department with invoicing, salaries and payments to our suppliers. I also do accounting, financial statements and I also try to predict our future results.

I’ve been a part of the IT-world since 1995 when I started at Telia Research. My latest assignment was with Cybercom Sweden where I was working for 15 years. Following the ups and downs gave me a good education in flexibility. In my younger days I spent a couple of years abroad, working in a hotel.

I wind down by cooking almost every day. Weekends and summer holidays I prefer to stay in our country house where I cut the lawn, chop wood or meet with friends. Travelling is another big interest; it has taken me to many far-away countries with my family.

Madeleine Schönemann

“I turn coffee into code!”

Growing up in an era where computers were commonplace in everyone's home, curiosity and the will to learn more about them has been present almost since before I could walk. It all began with gaming but gradually emerged into an interest for coding and development. Choosing a career within this field was not a hard decision and after a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science - focusing on systems development - I am ready for a new chapter in my life!

Learning new things is awesome and I never say no to a new challenge - which is why programming is the ultimate occupation for me.

Besides computers, nature and the environment is really important to me. The balcony at my apartment has slowly but surely turned into a greenhouse! Cooking is also a huge passion of mine, especially experimenting with natural and clean ingredients.

You’ll find me either out and about in nature, in front of the computer - coding or gaming (depending on my mood) - or headbanging at a metal concert!

Magda Åkerman

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!”

I am a naive optimist who tries to see the bright side of everything and everyone. I believe that everything is possible if you work together within a team with a common goal.

I enjoy responsibility and always give my best to improve and develop all projects I engage in, whether they are professional or personal. I thrive in dynamic environments and am stimulated by helping others, and watching them grow.

In my spare time I enjoy the company of my family and friends, travelling, working out and trying out new things. My current project is ballet, and I've been taking lessons since last year. Maybe next year you'll see me dancing “Swan Lake” in Moscow!

Magnus Hansson

“Usable, nice looking, reusable, understandable, simple, fast, and evolving are some of my favourites words.”

I am a developer that loves the creative side of things. One of the most creative parts is to identify these roads and find the perfect one to lead the customer to the goal that will help them create the future that they want; and all in an enjoyable way.

My passion is strong for design, usability and for good, manageable and reusable code. I mostly work with SharePoint where my speciality is creating UI that will help to bring out the great functionality of this beast to the user.

In my spare time I enjoy the company of my family and try to cook, workout, sing, and play video-games or music as much as I can.

Magnus Nilsson

“I'm passionate about imposing order on project chaos, and love to tear it up on the guitar in the rehearsal room.”

I'm a driven IT professional who strives to improve no matter what the task or the challenge is; whether building an application, writing a specification or drawing on the whiteboard.

Solving problems creatively and making work or life easier for others is what I love the most.

I perform best by working with other people, where knowledge sharing and team spirit provide the building blocks for greatness. Working with me, you'll inevitably get to learn obscure music trivia, the science of storytelling and which horror movie has the best villain. Things that really have little bearing on work, but that make life good.

Magnus Sjöstrand

“I'm a software developer who doesn't like to leave loose ends. For pleasure I ride motorbikes. Occasionally I even try to play some Disc Golf.”

To repair broken things, or disassemble the fully functional things to see how they worked before disassembly, has always interested me. In a perfect world I might even try putting them back together again. Therefore, it feels natural for me to work as a software developer and problem solver. To be able to sleep well at night, I strive to make customers satisfied.

Outside work I spend time with my family. When it comes to my spare time, I like to drive motorcycles or think about how the whiskey in my next cask will taste when it is finished.

Marcus Malmgren

“I like beautiful software solutions where every line seems as natural as me having a pizza for lunch.”

I am an ambitious and dedicated software developer with 7 years of experience. Working mostly directly with customers has shaped me into a very responsible and service-minded individual with the leading-edge expertise in C# development of systems with data access. Programming is great fun and it always grabs my interest and enthusiasm.

I like to learn and master new things continuously. In my spare time, I enjoy being with my fiancée, family and friends. And I especially love to beat my colleagues in squash.

Marcus Mazur

“I am a problem solver at heart, with an attitude to always find a path through a challenge”

At the age of fifteen I decided that – no matter what - I was going to host a nightclub event, and I did just that. It was there that I got my first taste of planning and directing and I was hooked! As of that point whenever I left the business I got this feeling that something was missing in my life, and very soon I realized that it wasn’t the nightclub business, but the role I took in it.

I’m a person who believes in constant development, and am always looking for a new challenge. I have the attitude that no issue has a dead-end, rather a different path to finding the solution. In addition to working for this wonderful company I am studying Information Systems at Lund University. When choosing to read Informatics, I did so with the intention of becoming a developer. However, with the ever-changing environment and the various different opportunities that have presented themselves I have found myself working with various different functions within the company. When everything is a question of attitude you can always choose to take different paths; both within projects and within personal development. That is why, today, I choose the path of being a problem solver at heart.

In my spare time I love to travel - there’s nothing quite like boarding an aeroplane early in the morning and arriving at an amazing destination later that day. I also like to spend time with my family and friends and work with all of the small projects – or ‘personal challenges’ as I like to call them – that get thrown at me each day.

Maria Meincke

“I'm a sporty girl who loves adventure, whether it is a trip or a new life experience”

I'm a social and positive girl who never says no to a challenge, whatever it may be. If you were to describe me with just one word it would be caretaker, because I want everyone to feel as good as possible at all times (I'm a little bit of a mum without the yelling!). This IT-jungle will be my adventure to conquer.

When I'm not conquering the jungle you will find me at the gym or in the dance hall. I love to exercise and meet my loved ones of course.

Martin Kristensen

“Writing good, simple and maintainable code together with other passionate people is what it’s all about!”

I want to know about your code, and I’m more than happy to share with you what I’ve been working on because it’s probably not perfect and it’s guaranteed that you know about things I don’t and vice versa! Other people make me grow as a software developer and that’s what I love about this line of work, there is always new things to learn that will make me a better developer! As everyone knows there is no “I” in Martin… eum.. well, there is, BUT it stands for “Internet”! I feel at home on the web, creating useful sites for others to enjoy. Backend is my comfort zone but I find myself hacking away at some JavaScript and markup from time to time.

When I’m not writing awesome code I aim to spend a lot of time with my wife and kids. I also have a big interest in computer/video games and there never seem to be enough time left for me to be able to work on my gigantic backlog of games.

Martin Mazur

“I am a moderately crazy software-thinker who spends a lot of time thinking about how to make the world a better place. When I'm not doing that, I lurk in one of the dark corners of the Internet.”

I am a citizen of the Internet, Agile evangelist and a code hippie. I spend a lot of time thinking about the state of the software industry and how to improve it.

I love good challenges and try to constantly push boundaries; there is no such thing as impossible! It's important for me to grow and constantly find better ways to make better software. I see software development as a balance between people and technology; it's when you get the perfect mix of both that magic happens. That is exactly when you produce not merely software, but also art.

Martin Rosenqvist

“It's my firm belief that success lies not in the hands of an individual but in the collaborative space.”

When I started working I quickly understood how important teamwork is for achieving great results.

After years of exploring and experimenting I have learned what I can do to contribute to great teamwork - teamwork that will guide the potential in a team to produce positive change and outstanding results.

I do this best when I practice my leadership, facilitation and coaching skills.

Put simply, I do it by making people believe they can and then help them to reach their full potential. Building on what is already working and continuously keeping focus on the target goal and result.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I like a life outdoors: working out, trekking and travelling.

My last trip was to New Zealand where I experienced the adrenaline rush of skydiving, trail running, bungy jumping and driving a car at 100km/h on the “wrong” side of the road.

I look forward to my next adventure; may it be it be diving, helping a client to explore lean and agile, or leading an awesome team of ninjas!

Martin Thern

“I love coding and I make the world’s greatest meatballs!”

I’m driven by challenges with a technical focus on web solutions. My goal is to create business values for my clients and deliver high quality results.

People usually recognize me by my clothing as I like to stick to pink or purple. Before I got into the world of software development, I was a young rock star in a band called “The Playboyz”.

Martina Rudsvik

“If you're good at what you do then I'll find you!”

There’s something thrilling about the chase of finding the right candidates out there. I guess I could say that my work involves a lot of detective work from the start of the process all the way to when we have someone new on board. You think you know who you have in front you of but you never do, so you need to find all the relevant information to make the right decision. Having the right people on board is crucial to the success of a business and I believe in finding those gems - polished or not.

As a Recruiter it’s really comforting to work for a company that has - and lives by - values that you can stand for. I believe that tretton37 has a lot of uniqueness to offer and I hope I can transmit and communicate that in the right way.

When I’m not working, I try to travel as much as my wallet can handle. Experiencing new cultures, people and places really fuels my soul. I have lived and worked abroad, mostly recently I spent 2 years in Malta. It feels great to be back home in Sweden and be a part of tretton37 success story.

Matthias Hultberg

“I’m driven by curiosity and I strive to deliver the best user experience in every project.”

Having spent the larger part of my career employed in large corporations with a huge amount of specialized custom applications, I’ve gotten to know all parts of the software lifecycle. In this environment, where things are often rushed due to cost, I’ve learnt that the most successful software is always well crafted from the bottom and up, and with a well-planned user interface. If your users are frustrated with their tools, that will cost you money. I’ve also learnt the value of writing understandable and maintainable code.

Nowadays I specialize in intranet solutions and SharePoint. Spending my time trying to get this aircraft carrier to maneuver like a jet ski.

In my spare time I love to spend time on the golf course or out on the seas. However, you’ll most likely find me passed out on the sofa after chasing two small kids around all day.

Mattias Lindahl

“I am an easygoing, down-to-earth, both-feet-on-the-ground kind of guy who enjoys anything associated with computers, technology, and software development.”

I spend my days working with the .NET framework (my favorite framework), building exciting Web solutions for businesses. I always apply the most suitable techniques and principles for the project. When it comes to work techniques, I strongly believe that working together for a common purpose and having all stakeholders understand this purpose is the key to success. To truly cooperate, one must believe that there is no “we”, no “they”, and no “as long as we win”.

In my free time, you can find me working on open-source projects, reading about patterns, or discovering new possibilities in the vast .NET framework. When I suppress the nerd in me, I love to go out and discover the world under the sea. Doing an activity like scuba diving off the coast of Sweden with a couple of friends or discovering the beauty of an exotic country always makes me feel alive and helps me appreciate the small things in life. I am also interested in home cinema solutions and building very intuitive infrastructures between all home devices. Then, of course, I enjoy using those devices to watch the latest movies and TV series.

“Live long and prosper.”

Michał Łusiak

“I'm a software developer who’s always trying out new things and likes to fall out of the sky every now and then”

I wrote my first code when I was 7 and instantly fell in love with how empowering it feels. In my career I have completed many different types of programming, but have spent most time on web development. Outside of work I enjoy learning new things and programming phones or other small devices. I have also recently gotten into functional programming.

Besides coding, I like activities involving high speed and altitude. I love paragliding and falling out of planes! In general I’m interested in everything that flies and I’m planning to start flying sailplanes soon. A couple of years ago I also discovered that I really enjoy alpine skiing and I’m getting better at it every year!

Mikael Brassman

“Who is this man? A convergence of curious creativity, front-end development and kiełbasa.”

A fair description people might give me is that I’m a dabbler in everything. In a short amount of time, I’ve worked in many places and grown accustomed to numerous roles. My creative hands have touched Windows, content management, e-commerce, responsive webs, mobile apps, data integration, and enterprise solutions.

Even with such a broad background, there is nothing else that pleases me more than creating and implementing thoughtful user interfaces. As a consumer and a proponent of the web, I like it served on any device, such as my phone and just as well as on the personal computer. For clients, I want to deliver a great, and as friction-free user experience as possible.

With an academic background from Lund, consisting of a couple of titles in my bag, I’m still eager to learn and to share my knowledge and experience to the curious who are open to suggestions.

As a Jack-of-all-trades, I dabble in many things besides programming and have an outrageously high Stack Overflow score. In my free time, I occasionally draw illustrations and designs, juggle balls, play computer games, and spend time with my lovely wife.

Natan Williams

“I've got CDO. It's like OCD, but the letters are in the order they should be.”

I love to learn new stuff and I love to learn more about the things I already know. It's a fantastic feeling that there is so much I don't know yet, and even more I can learn more about!

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, both cooking and baking; I find it meditative. With a great interest in the origin of the food I eat, but living in a flat without even a balcony, one of the forthcoming projects is a hydroponic culture in the window of our living room.

I love spending time with my lovely fiancée, on long hiking trips as well as in front of a movie or good TV-series, while simultaneously trying to fight our “beloved” cat who holds the strong belief that all available attention deserves to be, and should be, intended just for him.

Nathan Chere

“I think therefore I branch”

I was born and raised in Australia but was lured to the land of ice and snow by the great music, amazing people and the opportunity to embrace my inner ninja without needing a Japanese phrasebook to do so.

I'm a software developer by profession, failed musician by lack of profession and an all-round "top bloke". My addiction to code started with game development but my focus eventually shifted to the enterprise. I believe that programming is as much an art as a science and I strive to create solutions which are as elegant as they are efficient.

When I'm not turning ideas into code, some of my other likes include guitars, parrots, ferrets, festivals, good beer, bacon, cooking, rock climbing, urban sports, graphic design, board games, darts, poker, snooker / pool and occasionally being Batman.

Nejc Palir

“Once an on-ice puck stopping machine, now a passionate full stack developer with a thirst for the sweet nectar of knowledge”

My love for web development started early in my childhood, in the good ol' dial up times, at the age of ten. A typical after school afternoon back then would be creating a logo and website for a fictional client and just barely making it in time for my evening hockey practice. On my eighteenth birthday, while pursuing my professional hockey career, I decided to follow my dreams, take a leap of faith and start my own development company. I went from stopping pucks to Emacs and haven't looked back since.

The bold move to leave Pro hockey rinks behind has given me invaluable experiences, life lessons and made me into the proud self-taught, driven and hard-working creative individual I am today. My variety of roles has given me a broad, well-rounded knowledge of modern development, now backed up by 10 years of professional experience. Today my passion lies in creating rich, innovative and interactive front-end user experiences with cutting edge HTML, CSS & JavaScript techniques.

I love to spend my spare time with my family and friends, travelling around the globe, watching classic movies, playing hockey, running around with airsoft guns, perfecting my camera skills to become the next Scorsese, playing console games or grilling a mouth-watering steak. My dream is to one day build and design a cosy house for my family using my own bare hands.

Niklas Dahlman

“I am a tall, experienced and agile desktop-oriented developer who loves antique things, but not antiquated code...”

Ever since my first contact with computer programming around 1979, when my older brother bought a Commodore PET 2001, I was pretty much hooked. During a long break when my brother moved away from home, my interests turned to comic book and stamp collecting; more common interests at the time. It wasn't until 2013 that I got around to selling my stamp collection at a great loss...

Anyhow it wasn't until I was able to convince my parents to buy a Commodore 64 with a gigantic 1541 disk drive that I got back into programming. Learning Basic was a natural first step, and I recall doing some performance comparisons between algorithms running Commodore Basic on C64 and Microsoft Basic on the Fat Mac. The lasting result of those years were a pretty cool joystick controlled labyrinth game. Those were the days, in the mid-80's.

After working hard as a janitor the summer of 1989, I could finally afford to get into the Amiga scene, where I stayed into the late 1990's, a time otherwise spent at the university with Solaris and Emacs. Around that time I, by chance, got a PC for free, a pretty huge old Pentium70 box.

From there I quickly got into the consulting business, finding the .NET framework late 2000, and have pretty much stayed there ever since. It's great fun and my long, diverse experience has proven useful when helping customers out with a wide variety of problems.

Outside of the computer business, my biggest interest at the moment (except my wife and kids, of course :)) is buying and selling things at flea markets, auctions – wherever stuff changes hands – and trying to turn a profit.

Oskar Gewalli

“I’m a software gardener removing lots of weeds from code base”

I’m the kind of person that can solve many technical problems given enough time and elbow grease. I like it when things go smoothly, machines are up and running and the code flows freely through developers hands.

I usually work in some common languages: c#, ruby & javascript. I like c# code written first in ruby and then ported to c#. This can give you a nice first implementation to start from. I would call myself a coder or technical dude. I write code in different languages and try to solve technical problems.

I do a lot of reading and gaming. I usually read weird fiction or science fiction since good works in those genres broadens perspective. I'm also a little bit of a tea nerd, some call me tea hipster but I've been into tea way before it was cool. There are so many really great teas, the only problem is that's they’re hard to get hold of. If anyone knows of a good shop in Sweden for buying pu-ehr, then let me know!

Oskar Hülphers

“With great communication skills and a never-ending curiosity for my clients’ businesses, I bring great knowledge in .NET development and agile practices to the table, preferably whilst playing my guitar.”

Have you ever met a social and engaging systems developer with great agile and TDD preferences? Well, that’s me. Besides having my best skills within web development with .NET, I also value self-explanatory and easily readable code.

My never-ending curiosity drives me to investigate and get to know the client’s processes and value chains.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing guitar, piano or PS3 with my friends. I’m a strong believer in the fact that too much of everything enjoyable can be quite wonderful!

Patrik Olofsson

“It’s all about communication and sometimes feeling a little bit stupid.”

I work with all kinds of cutting-edge software technologies on the .NET platform, from back-end to front-end. I am sort of a general specialist and as a consultant it is my job to know a little about many things and a lot about the things I am currently working with.

I love to work with the softer parts within development of software architecture. I enjoy the process of constantly improving myself and the teams that I’m working with.

I strive to be better in everything, both professionally and in my private life. I am the oldest of five siblings and since I was the worst of us when it came to computers, I just had to make a career of it! In my spare time I like to go diving with friends and read books.

Per Dervall

“I 'm a multilingual high to low level binary sculptor who thrives on seeing what makes software and wetware tick and how to improve it.”

Coming from a long period of product development I have developed a keen sense of maintainability while still keeping my exploratory roots. I have experience at nearly all levels of software, from low level assembly to high order .NET, and have yet to find something that did not catch my interest in any way. Software is a thing of beauty.

I'm a builder at heart; not just of software but of nearly everything interesting to me under the sun. I love to jump head first into a completely unknown area, absorbing all information and mastering its secrets. If someone else can do it, I can too!

Per Westerlund

“A pragmatic developer who always strives for maintainable and readable code that does what it claims to do – nothing more and nothing less.”

I am a quality-focused developer who believes that it is important to select the right tool for every given situation. This means being open to new approaches and not doing things in a certain way just because it's easier to do it the way you always have. I believe that every day brings new knowledge to those who are ready to learn from it.

When I'm not sitting in front of a computer I'm probably playing the guitar or the piano, or rehearsing with my choir. Except for computers, music is my big passion in life. I love every kind of music as long as it is well thought-out and has the ability to raise any kind of feelings in the heart of the audience.

Per Ökvist

“I love a good white-board session”

This computer stuff started with gaming and fiddling around on the C64/Amiga/PC. When the internet came along things changed, and I could do more with my interest. Creating things on the web introduced me to programming in general. With this enlightenment - and my knack for being creative - brainstorming ideas ended up in the world of ad agencies, and later digital agencies. This curiosity in understanding business domains transferred to the world of software and software architecture. Before I knew it, I got into things that I later would learn were in the Domain Driven Design space.

For the majority of this century I have worked as a consultant focusing on full stack .NET development, putting my earlier experiences to work and piecing it all together. Today my main interests are towards architecture, cloud and distributed systems, and luckily web/http is an integral part of these systems.

I like to speak, learn and discuss things in our field, so we might already have met somewhere along the way!

In my free time I like catching a good movie or TV-show, digging for new music experiences, playing board games and socialising with friends over good food and natural wine. You might find me poking around in the garden, by the grill advancing my vegetarian Mexican cooking or relaxing in a hammock with some podcasts or maybe even reading some graphic novels. Vacation is a state of mind, but nothing beats the real thing! Whether it's hitting a big city for the weekend or relaxing in the countryside – I'm always keen looking for the next adventure.

Peter Ekerot

“I'm a SharePoint aficionado that has been living the world wide web since the nineties. For fun I go for long runs or take a ride on one of my skateboards.”

Being in the IT business since the nineties and taking part of the dotcom boom has taught me that some things change radically and fast, and others don't. I love problem-solving; for me, the foundation of problem-solving hasn't changed much. It's not tied to a specific programming language or technology, more of a general idea of describing the problem and finding a viable solution before even picking up your preferred tool.

Over the past couple of years I have been very involved in several SharePoint projects. I have seen the peaks and pits, failures and successes; each project has taught me a new lesson and over time I got better; I learnt. The vastness of the platform and what business problems it can solve is amazing to me, and I strive to get even better every day.

Peter Heiberg

“I am a knowledge junkie with a passion for technology. I love using it for both business and pleasure, but preferably combined.”

I am a software developer, a coach, and a consultant with a passion for technology and craftsmanship.

My desire to learn and share keeps me on the lookout for new and better ways to deliver working software, and I still considering myself a student of the software craft despite being in the business for more than 10 years.

Usually I am analytical, calm and reasonable, except when it comes to my own kids.

Peter Palmér

“I have a great passion for programming and a solid sense of quality and polish. Programming is also my hobby. It can be a creative relaxation technique, just like music.”

As a developer I am analytical and genuinely interested in understanding the whole tech stack. I have been a software developer my entire professional career and, regardless of the job I held, I always came to the same conclusion: programming is not really a job, it is a lifestyle. When on the job, it’s common to hear people talking about the cool stuff they are programming at home. To put it simply, programming is fun.

In my free time I enjoy skiing, football, and reading.

Peter von Lochow

“I’m a proud nerd at heart and still thrilled that my hobby became my profession.”

When I started in the software industry I was told to prepare for a world of silent introverts. What I found was quite the opposite. I work in a highly social environment where team work is more of a success factor than anything else – and I love every moment of it. This business is clearly as much about people as it is about writing software.

I started out as a backend developer but have of late ended up in the frontend. This finally enables me to actually show my parents what I do for a living. Nowadays you’ll probably find me tinkering with a Windows Phone or a Windows 8 slate.

I spend a lot of my spare time working out, mostly to calm my bad conscience for spending too much time in front of a computer. When not doing that, you’ll find me marathon-watching TV series or spending time with friends and family.

Roger Wilson

“I'm a creative developer, with a passion for clean code and computer games.”

My first encounter with a computer was when I was a around 7 years old, and I got to play with a Commodore Vic-20. That moment I just knew I would be spending a lot of time in front of a screen. A couple of years later I got my own C-64 and started to explore the world of programming. And I still do explore, but nowadays it's mostly .NET and C#.

When I don't work with code and stuff, I usually spend time with my wife and two children, probably playing PS3 or some computer game. Other things I enjoy are good food, cold beer and TV-series.

Roland Ferngård

“I’m a business oriented team player”

For the past 20 years I’ve worked with business development within the IT industry, and have my roots within technology and software development. This background has provided me with a broad knowledge of the conditions required for efficient and high quality software development.

I love the challenge of building long-term relationships based on trust with both colleagues and customers. The idea that I can influence people in a positive results-oriented manner brings out the best in me.

Outside of work my interests include golf, motorcycles, remote controlled helicopters/aeroplanes and spending time with my family and friends.

Sanjay Bhagia

“I am a very curious and empathetic guy who ended up in the amazing world of science and technology.”

It all started back in 1999 when I bought my very first PC, with half the cost coming from my tiny pocket money collected over the years - rest ask my dad. 12 hours later my system broke down!! Of course, I was upset but more than that I was curious - like never before! All sorts of hows and whys were running inside my mind, and that was the beginning for me into the world of computers.

That quest continues and with ever-growing passion and curiosity I explore and learn the world and solve the problems for customers. These days I'm fully focused on SharePoint development and working my way to get better every passing day. Living and working in different cultures and places has taught me a great deal about dealing with people and believe me, I'm a really good team player ;)

When I'm not with my computer, I like to read books, run, go to the gym, watch movies, spend time with my family and friends, and at times cook delicious FOOD :)

Sebastian Hallén

“I make sure the things you develop do what they are supposed to do, and then I try to make them do the complete opposite.”

Have you ever seen The Sting with Paul Newman and Robert Redford? If you haven't, let’s just say it's a classic con movie.  Why am I bringing this up here? Well, I think a software testing has many similarities with well thought out cons. When I do software testing, I want to make the software behave in a certain way in order to get a specific result. Either to verify that it operates in the desired manner, or to try to provoke unwanted behavior.

To achieve this, I have to know how different parts are working individually and together. I must know how to line them up just the right way so I can get to something that previously seemed unreachable. I learn how something should work, and then I figure out what to do in order to make it fail.

When I'm done with testing for the day, I really enjoy cooking. For me, there is nothing better than having a few friends over for a proper home cooked meal. 

Sofia Samuelsson

“I am a fast-paced, life-loving globetrotter with a passion for HR.”

I love the feeling that I have when I am about to set sail for a new adventure, be it a strenuous hike in beautiful mountains or a road trip through, for me, unknown territory. Had I not loved my job as a HR-person so much, along with the challenges it brings, I would have loved to be a fulltime adventurer. Would be absolutely fabulous to have David Attenborough and Yvon Chouinard tagging along for companionship.

In my work I get to combine law with HR management, two areas I am passionate about. In HR there is always something going on and to be a part of this is quite often an adventure in itself.

Stefan Viberg

“I am a positive thinking person with a strong ambition to create excellent software.”

During my time as consultant, I have worked on projects at both large and small companies, which has given me a lot of useful experience. I want to expand my areas of knowledge whenever possible and keep up with new things in the industry. I like sharing knowledge with others and I like to work in agile teams. My goal is to accomplish high quality .NET solutions delightfully and effectively using good architecture.

In my spare time, I like to spend time with my wife and daughter. I also like hiking in the Swedish mountains.

Stellan Runander

“I'm a sports nerd with a positive view on life and a strong belief that problems are best solved by teamwork.”

A day without learning is like a day without sunshine! What I love about my job at tretton37 is that there are many sunny days, due to the fact that my fellow ninjas always strive to share their wisdom. All these sunny days come in handy when I'm mastering the challenges our clients give me.

I am a developer with focus on the SharePoint platform. SharePoint comes with great power straight out of the box. That's great! But I think that you have to have an open mindset regarding the SharePoint platform – challenge it and its traditional norms and you find that a SharePoint project can also be handcrafted in an agile way.

When I'm not hanging out in the tretton37 dojo, I like to spend time with my wife, my awesome (ninja) son and my friends, especially in combination with fine wining and dining. The word 'handcrafted' is applicable here again. A well handcrafted Italian red wine or ale from a microbrewery really makes my day.

Thomas Barge

“Essentially a rower who loves a challenge – enjoyed with an excellent cup of espresso!”

Since my childhood, I have always loved competing, but in a friendly way and always with a smile. I used to spend most of my time in a rowing boat with my teammates. We could easily row 20 hours per week, practicing for a race in a regatta that lasted only 5 minutes.

This background has shaped me into who I am today and influenced my professional and personal life. Professionally, I am passionate about building companies and helping people grow and develop. Throughout the years, I have gathered experience from executive management positions in fast-growing private and public companies, with local and international business focus.

In my spare time, I love to sail and ski, and I still optimistically believe that I can beat my kids in downhill skiing. To be honest, I have no chance, but that's fine. Luckily, I have been their teacher.

I've climbed Kebnekaise, walked the Inca trail, and visited the Everest base camp. All this makes me very proud, especially because I have achieved it with my closest team – my family.

Tobias Håkansson

“Today I live my professional life cultivating .NET technology, which is pretty different from a boy who was once convinced to become a farmer.”

I am an experienced developer and architect specialized in Microsoft .NET technologies targeting enterprise solutions. I am known for my diligence, quality of work and understanding of how to fulfill business needs. These skills also come in handy when I invest in the stock market as a hobby trader. This hobby challenges my analytical knowledge and strategy thinking.

When I want to completely rest my mind, I enjoy hanging out in my allotment cultivating the garden.

Tobias Nilsson

“Business-centric developer and agile adopter not afraid of asking “Why?” one time too many.”

I started my career with one thought in mind: I want to be part of the growing phenomenon called the Internet. Not sure of what to contribute with, I began taking all sorts of web related courses at my final year at university which led to a job as a web developer. Pretty soon, I got hooked on software practices and coding and now I can't live without my code. I love solving problems for clients and creating neat looking, highly maintainable and understandable code. Always with the larger picture in mind.

And by the way Martin Thern, I make the world's greatest meatballs.

Victoria Lodge

“I’m a sports nerd who has a passion for service and loves a challenge.”

I’m an energetic go-getter with a passion for top notch service. I grew up in a family-run, traditional English country pub, so you might say that I have customer service in my blood! I’m new to this world of code, computers and cables and my ninja skill set is based within service and making sure that everything runs smoothly. I thought Swedish was a hard language to learn, but then I encountered the world of computer languages!

In my spare time you’ll find me engrossed in some form of sport! I love to ski, play floorball and I have a passion for football, especially Watford FC (someone has to!). Having lived in various different countries, I love to travel with my boyfriend and see what this big, wide world has to offer! One thing is for sure though – whatever the question, tea is always the answer!

Zacharias Björngren

“Programming for me is like doing puzzles and solving problems. I’m not sure which is the hardest...”

I have always loved programming. Programming is great, sometimes you deal with puzzles which have one, single, correct solution and other times you deal with problems. Problems can be solved in many different ways. Solving problems is always rewarding and a learning experience which further develops your skills, and if it can’t be solved it’s really not a problem anymore.

I love my job and the challenges it provides, however spending my free time doing less soul crushing activities than hunting down that elusive Heisenbug really helps me relax. So I read, game and try my best to stay fit. Programming lacks a physical aspect, other than banging your head against the wall or smashing printers with baseball bats. Lifting stuff, taking the stairs and sprinting adds more oomph to the printer smashing.

Originally from Lund, I decided that after graduation I wanted to move to the city in Sweden where everything is decided and get in on the action! My first years in Stockholm made me a dangerous and capable lone wolf! I decided it was time for a change, and since I didn’t want to be the greatest (by) myself, I decided to be a part of the greatest – tretton37.

Örjan Sjöholm

“I am a software developer and specimen angler at heart. I believe that delivering business value and catch-and-release are the most sustainable ways to treat my employers.”

Working and evolving with a product over a long period of time has taught me how to manage divergent requirements without sacrificing product maintainability. This experience helps me to quickly identify the most pragmatic solution to a problem.

I strive to complete my knowledge of the problem domain, to develop together with my team members, keep abreast of the latest experiences within software development and capture a 25-pound monster pike.